1. Please stay home if you are or have been ill. You may notify us if you are unable to keep your scheduled appointment. We encourage all of our team to stay home if they have felt ill.

2. All employees will have their temperature taken upon arrival at the office. Any employee registering a temperature above 99° will be sent home immediately.

3. All employees will wear masks.

4. Upon arrival for your appointment, patients will have their temperature taken. Any patient with a temperature above 99° will not be permitted to receive services. Patients answered “no” to the following questions:

    • Have you had a cough?
    • Have you had a fever?
    • Have you been around anyone exhibiting these symptoms within the past 14 days?
    • Are you living with anyone who is sick or quarantined?

5. All patients must have on a mask/facial covering upon entering the office. Please bring your own.

6. We ask that you limit the belongings you bring into the office i.e. purses, large bags.

7. Our team washes their hands frequently, per the CDC guidelines for 20 seconds with soap, as well as before and after every patient

8. All linens and towels are laundered after a single-use.

9. All hard surfaces like door handles, telephones, and reception counter are disinfected hourly, at a minimum, based on traffic.

10. We will no longer be serving beverages.

11. There is no waiting permitted in the lobby area. Patients are to call the office upon arrival. We will call you back when your esthetician is ready for your appointment.

12. We have markings on the floor of checkout area designating safe spacing.

13. We will refrain from handing out any appointment cards, referral cards or other marketing materials. Please be sure to add any future appointments to your calendar.

14. We will refrain from any contact greetings. We look forward to giving handshakes and hugs soon.

15. Only those receiving services are allowed in the office.

16. If you would like to make a retail purchase, please ask for assistance to limit contact with retail shelves.

With these guidelines and being closed for more than a month, we have limited appointment availability. We are diligently working to open our estheticians’ appointments and to allow for social distancing in the office. Please be patient. We look forward to serving you, safely.

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